US Drone Strikes Rise By 80% Worldwide, Including Somalia

KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN - MAY 2, 2006: The US military in Kandahar, southern Afghanistan, a Taliban stronghold, are using high-tech Predator drones against their enemy. They have approximately 8 there. The Predator has no pilot, and is controlled for his highly secret mission from Las Vegas. The team in Kandahar is in charge of their take off and landings. The drones have a highly powerful camera with infrared, as well as a still camera and two missiles. (Photo by Veronique de Viguerie/Getty Images)

In reference to Donald Trump’s campaign promise to reduce drone attacks, the site says the death toll of civilians killed in the first seven months of Trump’s presidency is much higher than that recorded during the eight-year period. years of President Barack Obama’s term.

“It was in the days of George W. Bush that drone strikes became an important weapon in the fight against terrorism. 57 attacks were carried out in Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen, resulting in the deaths of between 384 and 807 civilians.

This program grew in the days of Obama: the number of drone strikes increased, 563 attacks were carried out in the aforementioned countries. In the era of Trump, this figure has increased considerably,” says Mint Press.